Monday, January 2, 2012

DAY # 19 Chalky Wine and Champagne Glasses

I saw a pin months ago where someone had dipped the bases of wine glasses in chalkboard paint.  How AWESOME!  Now everyone at the party can write their name on the base of the glass, no more misplaced glasses, YAY!  So i've been saving this one for New Year's Eve!  I went to the Dollar Tree and got 8 wine glasses for $1 each but they didn't have champagne glasses, and you HAVE to have champagne glasses for New Years!  So while buying all of the groceries i needed at HEB (our local grocery store), i took a chance and checked their kitchen supply aisles and guess what?!  Champagne glasses for $1! I checked Wal-Mart for chalkboard paint, but couldn't find any so i went to Home Depot and got some from there for $10.  I cut up a box and covered my kitchen island just in case the paint got a little crazy  :)

So after washing and thoroughly drying all 16 of the glasses, i was ready to go.  I popped the top of the paint and realized that it wasn't mixed very well, so i put the lid back on and gave it a good shaking.  Took the lid off again and dipped the base of the first glass into the paint.

 I held the glass at an angle and let as much of the extra paint drip off as possible.  Then i took a paint brush and used it to get as much paint off of the bottom as i could while still leaving it black.  I set it on parchment paper and started on the next glass.

After dipping all 16 glasses, i went back and started with the first glass.  At this point there was a lot of extra paint accumulated around the base of the glass so i took the paintbrush and gently went around the edge to remove as much as i could.

 I then set the glasses down on a clean sheet of parchment paper.

I let these dry over night and they were ready to go!  Everyone thought they were SOOOOO cute and loved the idea of personalizing them. 

*Side Note*
While rinsing one of the glasses, the paint got wet and just came off in one giant piece  :(  Oh well, i've got lots of extra paint to fix it up!

And of course in true Mariesha fashion, i made a mess!  LOL, i ended up dropping the paint brush covered in paint onto the hard wood floor.  I wiped it right up with a wet cloth but didn't notice the paint that got onto my cabinet door until after it had already dried.  I also ruined my tshirt, thank goodness i wasn't wearing my favorite Gavin DeGraw tshirt or it would have completely ruined my day!

HERE is the link to the original pin.
HERE is the link to the original blog post.

???  Pinterest Win / Pinterest Fail  ???
A win!

2012 is going to be GREAT!
Because I'M going to MAKE IT GREAT!

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